More than 65 million Americans frantically juggle their career, children and the care of an ill, aging or disabled relative. Managing this busy life can be a challenge for most families and often raises an emotional discussion on how to effectively care for a loved one. This decision is not easy, because it would result in the separation of the family if a loved one is moved into a professional care center. Home care also offers professional caregiving but has the following distinguishing characteristics.

Familiarity and Comfort

Home-care services allow your loved one to stay in a familiar environment surrounded by the things and people that he or she loves. This allows him or her to be more comfortable than if he or she moved into a care facility that is miles away and where everything and everyone is new.

Independence and Confidence

As the saying goes: East or west, home is the best. Home is the place where people feel the most comfortable and confident. Being at home can boost the recovery process and allow your loved one to feel that he or she still has control of his or her affairs. Your loved one can select from a range of services and receive help only when he or she needs it.

Personalized One-on-One Care

A home-care provider is concerned about only one person and not multiple residents. Your loved one will receive 100 percent of the care provider’s attention, allowing him or her to have maximum comfort. Your loved one also can request a caregiver, enabling him or her to form a bond with the caregiver that will boost his or her recovery.

Family Involvement

Home care allows your loved one to stay near family, which allows relatives to ensure he or she gets the family’s love and support without them being the primary caregiver. This reduces relatives’ stress and helps them have a better relationship with their loved one.

The best gift you can gift a loved one is a care service that is focused on his or her well-being. For more than a century, the Visiting Nurse Association of Hanover and Spring Grove consistently has provided premium home-care services to loved ones at all life stages and has achieved Level 1 certification from We Honor Veterans. We are committed to ensuring that your loved one recovers quickly and comfortably. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services.