In every person’s life, situations happen that cause grief. The loss of a loved one is the most profound grief anyone can experience. Grief is a normal, natural part of living, and each person processes grief in different ways.

Grief counseling can be a balm to the soul in a difficult time. Trained grief counselors such as those who work with The Visiting Nurse Association of Hanover & Spring Grove can help people remember they are not alone in their troubling time.

Understanding and Expressing Grief

Grief comes into each person’s life at different times. For elders, the loss of cherished loves, friendships, and relationships is a heavy burden to bear. It can also enter into our lives in other ways: For example, feelings of loss over independence restricted by a chronic illness.

Grief is an emotion, the feeling of suffering each person feels when they are in a state of loss. That loss is called bereavement and is a process that may last for many years. In fact, no one ever truly “completely heals” from loss, but each person can learn to cope.

In the early stages of bereavement, emotions may be so intense that it is difficult for the sufferer to express how he or she feels. Common feelings include:

  • Numbness or emptiness;
  • Feeling angry at or betrayed by the loved one;
  • Relief, as when the loved one has suffered a long time;
  • Guilt, or the feeling that you “should have done” something;
  • Doubt or denial, especially among younger people.

How Grief Counseling Helps

In the wake of loss, it is important to have the right emotional support. Although each person’s response to grief is unique, feelings can become unhealthy if they are not expressed. It is important to have the chance to lean on others, even if they decide not to take that opportunity.

The Visiting Nurse Association of Hanover & Spring Grove offers confidential, one-on-one and family grief counseling that can help people navigate grief without succumbing to despair. Though we will never put aside the memories of those we lost, grief counseling can make it easier to cope with the day to day burden of loss.

With the help of a grief counselor, a person can find the joy in life so often clouded by grief.

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