Rehabilitation Services in PA - Visiting Nurse Association of Hanover & Spring Grove

For over 100 years, the Visiting Nurse  Association of  Hanover & Spring Grove  has been providing care for families. We are here to help you and your loved ones return to function after a fall, stroke, surgery or other medical illness. We know that helping you get well means helping you accomplish   the normal tasks and duties you like to do each day in your home.

Physical Therapy from the VNA

Physical therapists provide rehabilitation services to help you get back to your prior level of function. If you have had a fall, they can help with learning to use a walker and regaining balance. If you have had a hip replacement, a PT will help you regain motion. If you find it difficult to climb stairs to get to your bedroom, the PT team is here for you.

Occupational Therapy from the VNA

Occupational therapists provide rehabilitation services with dressing, grooming and taking care of yourself and/or a loved one.  . For example, stroke victims may I have difficulty holding a hairbrush or toothbrush.  ,Even simple tasks such as this can be addressed with our OT services. . In many cases, our therapists  will work together to help you achieve your goals and get back to leading the life that you desire. .

Speech Therapy from the VNA

Speech therapists provide rehabilitation services for speaking and swallowing. After a stroke, different types of surgery, and related health conditions,  a speech therapist will work on regaining the ability to interact with and communicate with the world around you.

The Right Rehabilitation Services for You

Whether you have suffered a stroke, a fall, or are affected by another medical condition, you can trust the rehabilitation team at the VNA. From climbing stairs to getting dressed, our team is here to help you return to normal, daily functions . Additionally, our rehabilitation team will help educate the family on how to take care of their loved ones  if they need help. We want to provide the tools and education for all involved in the personalized plan of care.

Call us for the finest Rehabilitation Services in the Southern PA vicinity. Our nurses will travel to your loved one in the areas around Abbottstown, Biglerville, East Berlin, Gettysburg, Hanover, New Oxford and Spring Grove, PA.